An introduction to wild birds. Published in Boundless: A Science Comics Anthology (2016)


A giant chickadee attacks Boston.

Published in Dark Lady anthology (2015).

One page comic published in The Midnight Oil (2016).

A MIT professor acquires suprising new superpowers.

Published in In a Single Bound #3 (2013).

An ongoing series about living on another world.

History comic about colonial cows and modern streets. Published in Inbound 4: A Comic Book History of Boston (2010)

Short auto-bio comic about traveling across the US. (2015)

Auto-bio comic about eating durian. Published in Inbound 5: The Food Issue (2010)

Auto-bio comic about a minor chemistry mishap. Published in Show & Tell: A Collection of Comics about Learning and Teaching. (2011)

Short comic published in Minimum Paige anthology (2011).

Watercolor fable about a wolf chasing the sun.



Newer comics, 2013 onward.

A comic about tick safety and Lyme disease (2018).

Winged creatures run from dentists. (2008)

The further adventures of Kattan and other characters trying to escape out of a volcano. (2018)

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